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Welcome to Zenaura

Meet the Zenaura trio

A smart home fragrance diffuser that holds up to 3 , each containing a luxurious, high-quality fragrance that can be mixed with one or two additional Pearls to create your very own beautifully scented ambiance.

Zenaura has been expertly crafted to allow you full control of both the fragrance diffusion and intensity to match any room setting through our App or via Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

You could say it was heaven scent - but of course you wouldn’t, but what you might say is ‘How cool is that!’

Consciously crafted

The art of Zen: simplicity, naturalness, subtlety and stillness.

Zenaura’s simple minimalist design effortlessly blends into all surroundings. The diffuser starts silently without a switch and emits a soft glow whilst filling your room with a beautiful aroma.

Its sleek lines hide a technological heart, which can control the fragrance intensity, scheduling and fragrance mixing via the app.

Set the mood you want – whether it be relaxing with a book or hosting a dinner party for friends. Zenaura is your silent partner, always allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for your home.

Designed in London.

Pure, Purposeful Scents

Our fragrances

Our fragrances are devised in collaboration with master perfumers and are made with the purest, premium quality ingredients designed to transport and inspire you. The broad range of citrus, floral, woody, green and fruity scents are are ideal for any occasion and room.

We invite you to discover an example of our fragrances from each family.


Bergamot & Thyme
Lime | Grapefruit | Thyme

A refreshing zing of grapefruit and lime layered with soothing notes of thyme, purple basil and eucalyptus. Expertly infused with warm vetiver to evoke a relaxing early morning walk through a citrus grove.


Leather & Rose
Peony | Rose | Leather

Sparkling bergamot and crisp apple float atop the botanical freshness of sensual rose, jasmine and peony. Perfectly balanced with notes of expensive leather and white woods to invoke an afternoon enjoyed in a an English rose garden.


Cactus Blossom & Nectar
Apple | Peach | Lily

An intriguing blend of fresh flowers and sweet nectar. The enchanting beauty of the cactus flower is captured with fruity top notes of apple and coconut and accents of soft blooming flowers, wrapped in green moss and blonde woods. Like drinking reenergizing fruit tea on a cool summer evening.


Clover & Jasmine
Clover | Wild Fig | Jasmine

An exotic and captivating blend of clover, bergamot and fresh lemon leaves. Perfectly blended with wild fig, creamy amber and white musk to evoke recollections of lazy days lying on grass meadows.


Amber & Sea Salt
Amber | Sea Salt | Driftwood

The breezy scent of sea air blended with a pinch of salted grapefruit and a squeeze of lime zest. Expertly blended notes of creamy amber, driftwood and musk deepen the aroma and awaken memories of standing on the beach at dusk in front of a glowing fire.

Our mixers

This luxurious and delightful experience makes you feel good - and is good for you too.

Our fragrances diffuse beautifully on their own but have been exclusively designed to blend with other fragrances should you want to relax, sleep better, focus, find balance, or to boost your mood.




Blue Chamomile







We are live on

Simply Clever

Become a fragrance connoisseur

Discover new fragrances, learn how to create your own unique blends and enjoy the results in the comfort of your own newly scented home.


Our range of mixing pearls, containing purest essential oils, are designed to be mixed with any fragrance based on your scent preference or desired mood: to help you sleep, focus, find balance, and relax.


The app will be available for free download on iOS and Android.


The app allows you to control the choice of fragrance, strength and time of use. You can even create the perfect fragrance schedule for your daily routine. And the more you use it the smarter it becomes, analysing your usage patterns and recommending alternative fragrances.


The Zenaura smart system can be controlled remotely at any time from anywhere.


You will receive reminders when your fragrance is running low. You will also be able to buy convenient annual subscriptions.


Simply control the time of fragrance release from your smart phone.

Our Technology:
Safe, Clean, Natural

Zenaura uses dry fragrancing technology, is completely silent and delivers a constant, even and natural home fragrancing experience.

Dry fragrancing ensures you avoid the risk of flames and the mess of liquids leaving you with an atmosphere that is completely safe and free of harmful chemicals.

Zenaura Fragrance Pearls are made from a proprietary polymer blend infused with pure essential and fragrance oils. And it’s this absence of propellants and unhealthy solvents that make Zenaura fragrances safe.

Each pearl is long-lasting and can be used safely and continuously for over 200 hours (or 1 month of heavy use).

Lasts up to 4x longer
than your average candle.

Naturally responsible

Our focus is on sourcing our materials and fragrance ingredients sustainably to ensure that we create ethically sound products.

Our exquisite fragrances are never compromised and the absence of harmful propellants ensure their character always remains fresh, aromatic and not altered or diminished.

Our responsibility also extends to our online presence and we are committed to your data privacy and protection.

Our Team

We built Zenaura around our shared goals: of transforming the home fragrance experience and creating high-quality, beautiful fragrances that can be uniquely customised, utilising the convenience of modern technology. And we want you to have fun as you discover for yourself the wonderful world of fragrances.

Richard Grogan

Founder &
Executive Chairman

David Main

Founder & CEO

Simon Sassoon


Stephen Jackson

Product Development & Operations

Alexandra Williamson

Sales & Marketing

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