Our Diffusers

Consciously crafted

Meet the Zenaura Trio

Bringing you fragrance that lasts for 10 x longer than the average candle.


With a stylish, minimalist aesthetic, each diffuser has been designed to sit beautifully within any room in your home.


Each Pearl contains one of our fine dry fragrances. Choose to activate different scents throughout the day, or create your own unique mix of all three.


Intuitive and easy to access control buttons allow you to balance the intensity of your fragrance to the size of your room.

Well designed and well made

Crafted in London to exacting standards, Zenaura’s diffusers all carry our signature style – clean, simple, and minimal. Activated without a switch and using whisper-quiet centrifugal fan technology, Zenaura emits a soft glow while filling your home with fine fragrance – acting as an almost invisible mood booster, that blends perfectly into any room.

With no flames, liquid, wax or aerosols, and each Pearl providing 200 hours of continuous fragrance – 4 x longer than the average candle – Zenaura well outperforms traditional formats.

As simple as lighting a candle

*Can be used manually, without connecting to app

Our selection of diffusers

Zenaura Trio

The TRIO smart diffuser allows you to activate different scents throughout the day, or mix your own unique blends for a truly personal experience. Smart features are enabled via the Zenaura app.





Zenaura Solo

The SOLO smart diffuser provides a portable solution with adjustable settings to balance the intensity of your fragrance to the size of your room. Smart features are enabled via the Zenaura app.





Become a fragrance connoisseur

Explore, experiment,
and build your fragrance expertise

Using our app, you can control your device wirelessly, and set a schedule tailored to your daily routine.

You’ll be free to discover new fragrances, learn more about their positive impact on well-being, and create your own unique blends using our interactive fragrance mixer. As well as receive helpful reminders and recommendations personalised for you.

Never be without your favourite fragrances

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Be 100% sure that Zenaura is safe for your whole family – pets too – and the world we all share

Non toxic

We never use harmful chemicals in our fragrances – no parabens, phthalate, BHT, or phenoxyethanol. And no propellant, which means they remain as fresh on the last day of their life as on the first. We’re also committed to using cruelty free ingredients, with no animal products in sight.


Zenaura products are made using reliably sourced materials that are recyclable where possible. Our fragrances combine high levels of sustainably-sourced natural essential oils along with a few high quality synthetics to ensure a qualitative fragrance experience for 30 days or more. Each Zenaura pearl will have a second life in your space - to help gently scent linen or sock drawers, rubbish bins and other potentially smelly sources in your home.

Thoroughly tested

All of our products are subject to rigorous safety and quality tests. We test, retest, and test again – to ensure that every fragrance delivers the same outstanding performance for a full 200 hours.

Hazard free

No flames, no liquids, no wax, no aerosols – just totally clean fragrance. Each ingredient has been carefully selected, with consideration given to its allergen content and performance. If something doesn’t meet our standards, we replace it with a high quality synthetic alternative – specifically designed to last longer and eliminate any irritating properties.

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