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Welcome to Zenaura – a new experience designed to help you discover how fragrance can boost your well-being, and realise its positive power in your daily life.

Boost your well-being, with the touch of a button

A fragrance has the power to be so much more than just a pleasant smell. One sniff can spark a beautiful memory, create a perfect mood, or help you to improve your focus, feel more relaxed, or sleep better. Why? Because our sense of smell is directly connected to the emotional centre of our brain – giving fragrance a potent ability to work wonders for both mind and body.


Zenaura helps you to use scent to your advantage. To be the most well-balanced, well-rested, well-adjusted, very best version of yourself.

Well designed. Well crafted. Well considered

Life can become hectic, with places to be, work to be done, ambitions to be fulfilled, families to be cared for, friends to be entertained…


Zenaura has been created to work in harmony with you. To provide moments of pure pleasure, that help you feel well-equipped to face, or escape from, the challenges of your day.

Be in control

Zenaura can be operated manually, straight out of the box, making it as simple as lighting a candle – with the benefit of dialing up and down the intensity of your fragrance. Using our app, you can also control your device wirelessly, as well as mix your own unique blends and set a schedule tailored to your daily routine.

Be at ease

Zenaura uses dry fragrance technology. Which means there are no flames, no liquids, and no harmful chemicals to be found anywhere in our products. So, you can be sure that they’re 100% safe for your home, family and pets. We’re also committed to using cruelty-free and sustainable materials.

Be in the know

By sharing knowledge and insight, Zenaura will continually help you discover new ways to boost your wellbeing. Via our app, we’ll provide you with personalised recommendations on fragrances we think you might enjoy. While interactive tools, such as our fragrance mixer, are designed to encourage you to explore, experiment, and build your own expertise.


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