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Start by searching for and downloading the Zenaura App from either the App store for iPhones or the Play Store for Android based phones.

Open the App and type in your user name and a password. The password is case sensitive, the user name is not.

It’s easiest to tap the auto login tick box so that you don’t have to go through this again.

Then to connect your Trio, make sure that it is first plugged into the mains power and you have waited for its reset sequence, aligning the nozzles, has completed. Then follow the instructions to add a new device to your App.

When you receive your Trio the device will be in a standby state. To wake it out of standby you will need to plug it into the mains via the power adaptor and cable supplied. The Trio should then immediately go through its reset sequence which involves the nozzles on the diffuser going up and down to ensure that they are aligned properly with the base.

Standby can be used to save power when it is connected to the mains by shutting off some of its functions, for example pearl recognition interface.

An even lower power state can be achieved by going into standby with the power cable pulled out. In this case the WiFi is also shut down and the Trio will appear as being offline in your App.

The Trio can be put into a standby state by double tapping on the area of the central touch button control, indicated by the on/off symbol, and will come out of standby by a single tap in the same area.

If the mains power is plugged in during standby state then the Trio will indicate it is in standby by turning on the middle light near the on/off symbol and will not respond to the pearls.

If the mains power is not plugged in during standby state then the Trio’s WiFi will also be suspended. This will allow the diffuser to be transported on a plane for example. The central light will not come on to save power, and the Trio will not respond to the pearls.

Connecting the Trio to the network can be daunting and even troublesome since there is so much is going on. There are several things to look out for and check as you proceed.

To start:

1. When you start make sure that the mobile phone is connected to your usual WiFi access point, and that the Trio is on and plugged into the mains power. The Trio should have gone through its reset sequence where the nozzles rise and fall to align them with the base.

2. The Trio should not be in standby, ie the central light by the on/off symbol should be off.

Make sure that you know your WiFi access point name and password, which is case sensitive.

3. Some / many Android phones will try to send data via their mobile network rather than the WiFi, so make sure that the mobile data on your phone is tuned off while you are connecting a Trio. The mobile data on/off button can be found in settings/Network & Internet/Mobile Network.

4. Finally note that the Trio will only connect to 2.4GHz networks not 5GHz networks.

The Trio recognises pearls by looking for a passive rfid tag built into them.

If the diffuser is in standby the pearl interface is shut down to save power. A light on the Trio near the on/off symbol will be lit if the mains is plugged in, in the standby state. To come out of standby tap the on/off symbol once.

Sometimes if there is heavy network load or a poor network connection it may take a little time for a pearl placed on the Trio to appear on the App. This will usually be no more than a few seconds though.

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